A Different Perspective on Employee Well-Being for Fulfilment of Organisational and Individual Needs

Why Focus on Employee Well-Being

For every €1 spent on employee well-being and stress prevention a net economic benefit of over €13 can be achieved over a 12 month period. Source

About 20% of staff turnover can be directly related to stress at work and another 45% of staff turnover is related to working conditions known to cause stress such as workload, lack of support and working hours. Source

Work-place stress is estimated to cost organisations about €1’400 per employee in lost productivity per year due to employees being absent or working when unwell. Source and Source

Employees who suffer depression as a result of excessive work-related stress, are estimated to cost their organisation more than €4’950 per person every year. Source

What we Do

Measure of Well-being

Do you know how your employees are faring? We help you track employee well-being over time and identify teams at risk from high stress levels.

Our Professional Well-being Tracker is an online survey consisting of two parts. The first part is a scientifically validated survey that identifies teams that are at low risk, fragile, challenged or high risk from stress.

The Professional Well-being Tracker's focus on stress stems from the close relation of stress to psychosocial and physical ill-being such as anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular disease. Hence stress levels are a good indicator of overall well-being in the organisation.

The first part of The Professional Well-being Tracker can be used independently of our other services as part of your employee well-being program, to regularly monitor the level of well-being in the company.

Sources of Distress

For those teams or groups of employees where the well-being is low and stress is high, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools to discover possible sources of distress.

Here the second part of the Professional Well-being Tracker can be used as a source of quantitative data. It is a survey designed to discover psychosocial risk factors in an organisation.

As qualitative tools we use interviews and workshops to look at everything from how teams work together as a unit to policies and practices that might affect the well-being of certain teams, or groups of employees, in a negative way.

Where there are indications that single employees in a team are suffering from ill-being we take action in regards to that individual. These actions are kept confidential between PRO Services and the employee in question.

Suitable Countermeasures

In collaboration with your employees, we design a range of suitable countermeasures that fits your employees’ needs as well as your organisational culture.

The collaboration with your employees will ensure that the countermeasures are tailored to suit your employees’ needs for reduced stress levels and more well-being at work, as well as your organisation’s need for increased efficiency and productivity, improved product / service quality and improved bottom line.

As your organisation moves forward to implement the countermeasures that have been chosen as most suitable for you, we will be by your side and guide you through the process.

Our Clients*

Reviews are written by our clients and therefore published in their original language, so as to not risk distorting the words of our clients.

"I attended a training provided by Eva Gannert from PRO Services which gave me an excellent, easy to use, and comprehensive tool for understanding and effectively managing stress in my teams. The hands-on exercises quickly taught me how to effectively use the tool; the comprehensive, detailed handout that Eva prepared allows me to refresh my knowledge on demand and is as powerful as a course book - but even easier to use. I can’t imagine working without tools and knowledge that Eva shared and I’m confident about the hugely positive (both short- and long-term) value for me and my teams. Time well invested."

Karol Stosiek

Engineering Manager at Google Switzerland GmbH

*To preserve the confidentiality of our clients has the highest priority at PRO Services, so reviews are only published on the initiative of the customers.

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Our Founder

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Eva Gannert

Eva Gannert has a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Occupational Health Management from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as well as degrees in Mathematics and Scientific Computing / Computational Science from Stockholm University, Sweden. She has worked as teacher and university lecturer, as well as Project Manager and Data Analyst on several scientific studies, among them the Swedish Twin Study and the Irish research project “Growing Up in Ireland”.

A burnout in 2012, together with experience of several positions in high pressure environments has given her a unique perspective on employee well-being and stress management through process and resource optimisation. This, together with a drive to help others, is the foundation for the consultancy PRO Services.