Privacy Policy

This website does not use persistent cookies1 and does not track your personal information.

However, we do use Google Analytics. We have put our settings so that cookies used by Google Analytics are automatically deleted within 5 minutes. This means that the information we see in Google Analytics will not be traceable back to you and we will not recognise your device when you visit us again.

We use the Google Analytics to see how our visitors came to visit our site and where from. This means that we would look at if our visitor typed in the web-address or came to us via a search engine. If they did a search, what search terms did they use?. We would also look at where in the world our visitors are located (on a city level) and what kind of device they used (computer, mobile phone etc.). This data is automatically set to be transmitted in encrypted form.

We do not share any of this data with anyone, except the fact that it is stored on Google servers. More explicitly, this means that we have opted out of sharing data with:

  • Google Products & Services

  • Google Analytics Industry Benchmarking or other Benchmarking projects

  • Google Technical support, and

  • Google Account specialists.

We will also not voluntarily share the little data we have with any other companies or individuals either.

  1. Cookies are small pieces of data that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application.